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R.J. Classics is a family owned and operated equestrian apparel company founded in 2002 by a typical show mom of an avid junior rider. Like many people she was looking for riding clothes that fit her daughter, constructed well, and was pocketbook friendly. Coincidentally, her family business and professional background was based in the apparel industry. So armed with a long history in design and tailoring she used her knowledge of the equestrian market to modernize equestrian apparel.

The R.J. Classics mission was and remains to be: offer a variety of price points to riders, offer fashionable styling and always produce quality garments. With a longstanding tradition of superior fit, quality, and value across all product categories, R.J. Classics is committed to offering clothing that features innovative technology and classic styling for equestrians of all ages and sizes. Their diverse clothing catalog includes, show coats, shirts, breeches, and accessories for women, kids, and men’s apparel.

How Cooling Technology Works

R.J. Classics is proud to be the first to bring 37.5® temperature regulating technology to the Equestrian market! Their timeless designs meet cutting edge 37.5® technology for an elevated product suited for all season. The particles are naturally derived and work for the life of the product (it will never wash out!) Incorporated into schooling and show shirts as well as show coats, 37.5® thermoregulation technology has been proven to help the body maintain a body core temp of 37.5 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for peak athletic performance and increasing stamina, by cooling you down when you’re warm and heating you up when you’re cold.

37.5 technology

R.J. Classics Products that include 37.5® Technology:

RJ Classics Breeches & Colors

A staple product for all equestrians, R.J. Classics broad range of breeches offer a diverse selection of size, fit and color! Core colors of Sand (tan), Navy, Black, Graphite (grey) and White make for the perfect pairings with a broad range of shirt colors. Seasonal colors such as Mixed Berry, Deep Dive, and Steel Blue change each season, but are a fun addition to your closet for schooling.

Our Most Popular RJ Classics Breeches

RJ Classics breeches come in a variety of styles, fits, and sizes. Perhaps most importantly is that any style can be ordered in either short, regular, or long. For women 5’6’’ and over we recommend buying styles in a long, and for women 5’3’’ and under you may be more comfortable in a short. Because there are not as many breech options across brands that offer short leg options, we find that some fit confusion can occur when deciding between a short and a regular leg length. When in doubt order the regular, better yet contact us and we can help you decide whether a short would be a good option for you.



At Canterbury Tack & Apparel we carry ladies sizes 22-32, though sizes 34-36 are available as a special order in any style and leg length at no extra cost. We regularly stock breeches in 26-30 long, and process short leg options as special orders. For the kiddos we stock sizes 6-14.



Read on for everything you need to know about RJ Classics breeches!



The Gulf breech is a natural rise (5/8ths of an inch lower than the mid-rise Anna), front zip euro seat breech that is the pinnacle of fit and comfort. Quick dry, stretch fabric provides amazing hand-feel, sculpt and coverage. A fabric covered interior waistband and breathable mesh lower leg panels are ideal for comfort in and out of the saddle. Premium Clarino™ knee patches are naturally supple and breathable and give the elegant look of real suede while withstanding intense abrasion. 


Everything you know and love about the bestselling Gulf breech but in a mid-rise, 5/8ths of an inch higher, for those that want a bit more coverage! Anna is typically offered in fewer of the seasonal colors, but remains to be our best selling RJ breech. 


The Harper breech has the same natural rise as the Gulf breech, but fits a little slimmer through the hip. Unlike the other RJ Classics breeches, the Harper features silicone knee patches for ultimate comfort and performance. Updated pocket design, beltloop design and logo rivets complete the elevated look for the serious competitor.


The Aria breech features a silicone full seat in a mid-rise, front zip design. This full seat model is a fan-favorite in the dressage community for its grippy silicone. Currently, we only offer Aria as a special order. However, we are beginning to stock more dressage styles.


This one is for the girls! The Avery breech is our Girls version of the Ladies Gulf breech. A natural rise, front zip style with quick dry, stretch fabric and Premium Clarino™ knee patches combine a great fit with comfort for sizes 8 to 18! The Avery is available in core colors Sand and Navy, as well as seasonal colors such as Deep Dive, June Bug, Mixed Berry and Plum.


This Girls Jodhpur is the perfect pant for the tiniest of equestrians. Available in size 6-18, the Collette has the same key features as the Avery with a classic style that looks as good as it feels! Available in a core color of Sand, the Collette is also available in a variety of seasonal colors such as Navy and June Bug. Currently we only stock up to size 12.


RJ Classics Show Coats

RJ Classics is famous for the fit and quality of their show coats. A properly fitting show coat is essential in the hunter, equitation, pony, and most jumper classes. Read about proper horse show attire here. All RJ Classics show coats are offered in short, regular, and long options to fit the widest range of bodies.

Our Most Popular Show Coats

Harmony  &  Harmony Jr.

This one-of-a-kind Ladies and Girls show coat will have you singing with joy because of its' flattering fit, ultra stretchy and light weight mesh material! The Harmony is a 3 button mesh show coat with a unique styling that offers the rider an elevated, athletic garment while maintaining the tradition of the sport. The lightweight mesh body fabric is the most opaque of its kind and provides extreme comfort and breathability, while the Italian Jersey front panel offers a conservative contrast. The unique back seams provide a subtle twist in core colors Black, Navy and Green Gables, and seasonal colors such as Chocolate, Grey Slate, Twilight Blue and Dark Berry. 

The Harmony and Harmony Jr. run a bit long in the body and arms, so we do recommended that you get properly fitted. If you have questions about fit, contact us!


For the traditionalist, the Monterey Ladies show coat is similar in style to the Harmony with its' proper presentation and perfect fit, but comes in a premium imported Italian Jersey fabric throughout. The Maonterey is part of RJ Classics Orange Label line which boasts the highest level of quality and design. The material allows air flow between fibers for cooling, eco-friendly fabric construction, quick drying and UPF 50 sun protection. The Monterey highlights a completely unconstructed design, eliminating lining and shoulder pads which allows for maximum freedom of movement. Eco fabric construction ensures high quality product with minimal materials or energy wasted during the production process. Durable fabric features pill resistance to maintain original appearance through time and wrinkle free fabric which allows the garment to travel easily. This stand-out coat comes in core colors Black and Navy, and season colors such as Merlot Herringbone, Shadow Grey Plaid, Twilight Blue Herringbone and Pine. 


A Black mesh shadbelly for Ladies like you’ve never seen before! The Rhapsody shad offers a modern twist to a classic style. It pairs a traditional fit with lightweight mesh fabric for a seamless combination that will keep you cool, comfortable and classic! The reversible 2-piece point design features canary on one side and a modern pattern on the other and eliminates the need to fully unbutton the points to take the coat off and on. Thought a shadbelly couldn’t get any better? It’s machine washable! At this time the Rhapsody is not offered in junior sizes.

RJ Classics Riding Shirts

Maddie & Maddie Jr

A favorite among our customers the Maddie show shirts blend cutting edge technololgy with traditional styling which creates the absolutely perfect show shirt! The fabric features 37.5® thermoregulation technology and is available in mutiple trim fabric options each season. Texturted mesh along the inside of the arms provides added comfort and breathability, and zipper placket with snap collar modernizes this traditional look. This classic show shirt is available in both R.J. Classics Ladies and Girls line as the Maddie and Maddie Jr. Also available in short sleeves with the Sadie & Sadie Jr.!



Take the Maddie show shirt and add an extra mesh panel across the back of the shoulders to create the Carly! This Ladies shirt will be the perfect addition to your show clothing wardrobe with its unique mesh back and underarm panels and cutting-edge technology. 

Sienna & Sienna Jr. Schooling Shirts

A schooling shirt that gives every rider that classic, yet sporty look that never goes out of style! The fabric features 37.5® thermoregulation technology and is available in a wide variety of colors in both Ladies and Girls, including core color Classic Navy, and seasonal colors such as Aster Purple, Grey Fog, Rosewood, Sky Blue, Starfish and Mallard Green. Tonal mesh underarm panels provide added airflow in addition to the UPF 50 sun protection in the body fabric.

To learn more about R.J. Classics, be sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook.

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