Samshield Breeches

Canterbury Tack offers a wide variety of Samshield Breeches. Samshield was born from Sam Maloigne a rider himself. He found that many of the products fell short of his expectations which is why he started Samshield to rise above the competitors and build helmets, breeches, and various other products for equestrians. 

It is a true by equestrians for equestrians brand, so they break down exactly what each product needs to be the very best! Their motto is " Launch a product only when you are sure that it is the best of the market!" We think this is something we all can appreciate greatly!

What is it about Samshield Breeches?

Show clothes and gear is expensive enough that buying something that doesn't fit right or isn't perfect can be frustrating. 

The Samshield breeches line is a par above many other options due to the precision they enlist in the creation of all of the products. 

When you first put on a pair of Samshield breeches you will be able to feel the comfort, durability, and breathability we have all come to expect from top-of-the-line breeches!

 Here at Canterbury  we only want the best for our customers and fellow equestrian friends. Riding can be complex enough and without the correct gear, it can seem less enjoyable. 

Check out our range of beautiful breeches by Samshield today!