What is an Equestrian Sun Shirt? (Do you need one?)

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 As equestrians we spend A LOT of time in the sun, and this why it is so important to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. Equestrian sun shirts are made of different weights and weaves of performance fabric designed to keep the sun off your skin, and wick sweat to help you stay cool and comfortable while riding or doing farm chores. One of the ways manufacturers achieve sun protection is by using a special weave structure which physically prevents the sun rays from penetrating the material. Another common method used to provide sun protection is by pre-treating the fabric with UV-inhibiting ingredients.

Here at Canterbury we carry a huge range of sun shirts since it is an essential piece of riding gear for any equestrian. We curate only the best quality sun shirts that are designed to keep you protected from the sun and comfortable while in the saddle. Below are a few of our favorites.

Our Featured Equestrian Sun Shirt


The Tailored Sportsman Long Sleeve IceFil Zip Top is so lightweight and comfortable that you will need one for every ride! This Icefil top keeps you cool even on the hottest days. Long sleeves offer sun protection, while the mesh panels under the arms allow for cooling air circulation. IceFil fabric works with your body to wick moisture away from your skin and lowers its temperature by up to 5 degrees. Finished with a 1/4 zip front, this riding shirt is offered in a selection of classic and trendy colors.



The Sienna schooling shirt with 37.5® technology gives every rider that classic, yet sporty look that will never go out of style. The patented thermoregulation technology has been proven to help your body manage its core temperature and therefore, increase stamina. It keeps you comfortable by helping your body to maintain an optimum core temperature of 37.5° Celsius (99.5° Fahrenheit) which is ideal for peak athletic performance. The particles are naturally derived and work for the life of the product (it will never wash out!). Also available in junior sizes!


Anique’s signature, ultra-light quarter zip shirt with cooling "Smart Yarn" technology is a perfect example of how weave structure is used to protect your skin and keep you cool. Smart Yarn's advanced flat cross section structure allows for wider surface area to transfer body heat faster which helps you maintain a comfortable body temperature during and after physical performance in hot weather. One of our favorite features of this sun shirt is the intelligent knit structure that allows for ventilation of high friction areas during athletic performance. This sun shirt offers UPF 30 sun protection as well.


So what's the takeaway? Sun shirts are an essential piece of equestrian gear. Every equestrian should have at least a few in their closet because they are designed to protect our skin, keep us cool and comfortable, and are durable enough to withstand the abuse of equestrian life. 


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