TuffRider Children's Polo

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The TuffRider Children's sport shirt is very soft, perfect for wearing all day. TuffRider Children's Polos are a staple of the TuffRider line. These polos for the young equestrian are designed for casual riding and wearing outside of the saddle too. Made from a comfortable cotton base, these versatile tops feature princess seams down the front and an open collar rather than a button-up. Displayed inside the open collar is a contrasting stripe design that is stylish but also subtle. Made in a wide range of colors, our versatile polo shirts will be the perfect choice to wear on any occasion. 


Sizes (waist, hip, chest):

Small: 25 ½”, 26 ¼ ”, 28 ¾”

Medium: 26 ¾”, 27 ½”, 29 ¾”

Large: 27 ¾”, 28 ¾”, 31”

X-Large: 29”, 30”, 32 ¼”