Mayjk Equipe's Leather Equitation Fetlock Boots

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Mayjk Equipe's new Leather Equitation Fetlock Boots are all that we hoped for - and more! Beautifully crafted from luxurious Argentine leather, the same leather used for high-end handbags. Protective and sturdy shell design with elegant styling that is sophisticated and understated. Available in sizes for Horses and Ponies.

Protective hind boot has a memory foam liner that easily removes for cleaning. The proprietary Rebound Inner Impact Protection Foam is Bio Foam with additional impact protection for your horse. It's designed and sized to add more cushioning where the foam touches in the front, reducing risk of pressure points, rubbing, and chafing. The leather straps are stitched for durability and a finished look. Brass buckles secure the adjustable straps that are connected to strong, durable woven elastic. The subtle, stamped Majyk Equipe logo in the back means there are no obvious logos to detract from the boots. Luxurious horse show boots are ideal for any level of competition for your horse or pony. 

Available in Havana Brown

Fits most horse sizes 16 hands to 17+ hands. 

Two boots per pack.


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