Majyk Equipe ‘Ergonomics’ Full Fleece Shimmable Impact Half Pad

  • $149.99

The All New Majyk Equipe ‘Ergonomics’ Full Fleece Shimmable Impact Half Pad provides the ultimate combination of comfort and technology. Constructed from a high-loft, dense 1 1/4" long fleece with lightweight fabric, the Majyk Equipe sheepskin half pad combines natural cushioning and moisture wicking qualities of sheepskin with the impact protection of our proprietary foam inserts. The pad features Split Wither Relief technology as well as Spine Relief on the underside of the pad. We recommend using a cotton pad underneath.

Incorporating a ‘top down’ Shim System, this pad has two built in front and rear pockets along the spine, Pockets can be used to make a total of 24 unique saddle fit adjustments. Shims are inserted from the top, not bottom, ensuring the shims sit securely in pocket. The shims are made of a lightweight and customizable impact protection material, which limits force of impact through the saddle in both directions: Direction 1) force of impact into the horses’ back from the rider’s weight and movements, Direction 2) force of impact traveling up from the horses back through into the riders lower back and spine. This makes for a comfortable ride for both horse and rider. Shims can be trimmed and alternated in different thicknesses as needed with the horse's development.


  • High-Loft, Dense Wool Fleece
  • Ergonomically Designed to Contour to Your Horse's Back
  • Spine Relief Technology for Maximum Spine Clearance and Comfort
  • Wither Relief Technology for Ultimate Wither Clearance and Neck Freedom
  • Customizable Impact Protective Shims help Saddle Fit and Minimize Impact Force
  • ARTi-LAGE Technology in Shims minimizes impact force to horse and rider
  • Durable, High Quality Construction
  • Hand Wash & Air Dry - Remove Inserts before washing
  • Ideal for All Purpose or Jumping Saddles


ITEM SIZE: MEDIUM (DROP 28CM (12”), LENGTH 50CM (20”), SPINE 51CM (22”)