Kavalkade SOFT Leather Reins w/Stops 3/4"

  • $69.00

Boasting a uniquely comfortable and functional design, the Kavalkade Soft Leather Reins may just become your favorite tack piece! Made of super soft, high-quality leather, these reins are extremely comfortable to hold without compromising durability. The addition of five internal stop ridges allows you to keep a secure feel without creating any extra bulk in your hands. Complete with stoppers on the ends, these reins are sure to be loved by riders in a variety of disciplines.

  • Soft and Supple High-Quality Leather Reins
  • Five Internal Stop Ridges for Secure Feel
  • Non-Bulky Design
  • Stoppers at Each End
  • Ideal for Variety of English Disciplines
  • 57" Length, 3/4" Width

Colors: Black. Dark Havana