Back On Track Royal Ankle Hind Fetlock Horse Boots

Back On Track Royal Ankle Hind Fetlock Horse Boots

  • $44.00

The Back on Track Royal Ankle Hind Horse Boots utilize exclusive Welltex Infrared Radiation Fabric Technology. This fabric is infused with ceramic particles that naturally work to reflect body heat for a soothing effect. This increases circulation, soothes sore muscle tissue, encourages flexibility, and strengthens tendons to prevent future injury.

A necessity when keeping a horse from interfering with itself, these ankle boots protect the interior fetlock. Designed with a thick, soft neoprene exterior, the interior is lined with revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric to provide a soothing therapeutic effect as you ride. Suitable for flat or jump work, application is simple with touch tape allowing the boots to have a secure and customized fit. With everything your horse does, why not support him during and after your ride with reliable Back On Track products!


  • Exclusive Welltex Infrared Radiation Technology  
  • Encourages Muscle & Tendon Strength and Recovery
  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Pain & Inflammation
  • Perfect for Horses that Interfere
  • Thick, Soft Neoprene Construction
  • Welltex™ Ceramic Infused Fabric



Back on Track recommends a gradual introduction to their therapeutic products, suggesting 2-4 hour periods of use for the first 3 to 4 days, gradually working up to overnight use for the best results. Reduction of muscle stiffness should be noticed within hours of use, but occasionally horses need extended use and therapy, particularly with established long-term injuries. 


The unique Welltex Infrared Radiation Fabric contains ceramic particles that reflect the horse's natural body heat and warmth to create a soothing infrared thermal warmth to increase circulation. Individual muscle cells will receive more nutrients and oxygen, allowing them to recover more quickly, increase flexibility and build strength to heal and prevent future stress or injury.